Fiskevegn supplies complete automatic longline systems for newbuilds as well as exsting vessels, from small coastal to ocean-going vessels. From hauling position to the baiting machine, we supply everything needed and adapt the system to the vessel's deck arrangement and planned crew. Along with mechanical solutions we offer industry-leading operations know-how and all the fishing gears and crew supplies needed.

Whether you are planning a state-of-the art deep-sea longline vessel or want to equip a small coastal boat for automatic longline fishing, contact Fiskevegn and we will help you through the whole process from planning to successful fishing. As a customer of ours, you will be in good hands.

Our system options range from lightweight solutions that can be operated by two people to large systems that are in use on some of the world's largest and most successful deep-sea longliners.

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HS7000 Hook Separator English
Rotation Rack and Magazines English
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Turnkey longline systems for large and small vessels
Turnkey longline systems for large and small vessels

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