Sinking ropes have integrated heavy materials and do not require external weights. Most fisheries still use sinking ropes with lead core, Fiskevegn also offers fishing- and aquaculture ropes using silicate glass as an alternative. 

Our lead ropes are manufactured from durable Danline fiber. These 3-strand sinking ropes contain a line with beaded lead in the core of one or more strands. These ropes are available in diameters from 6 to 22 mm with integrated weights up to 1 kilo pr meter.

Besides being an unwanted waste product in the environment, lead is costly. Fiskevegn recovers the lead from ropes that are returned to our factory and sends this to a facility in Sweden for melting and re-use. Depending on the mix of fiber and lead in returned materials, whole lead ropes can be returned to the metal works where the energy stored in the fibre is used as an energy source while the lead is re-used. 

Try our CrystalCobra sinking rope as an unleaded alternative for gillnet sinking ropes, and our Crystal Mussel Rope for shellfish farming. 


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