Fiskevegn Joins Maloy Maritime Group


Fiskevegn joins Maloy Maritime Group (MMG), an industry consortium of sixteen companies from the maritime industry in Maloy. MMG represent the one-stop service and shopping opportinities of the maritime hub in Maloy.

Måløy, or Maloy as we write it without Norwegian vowels, has always been one of the busiest harbours in Norway. Geographically we are in the middle of the world-renown maritime industry hub of northwestern Norway - with Bergen to the south and Ålesund to the north - and located right next to some of the most productive ocean areas in the world. Mackerel, saithe, herring, cod, pollack, salmon, trout, halibut, crabs, lobsters, anchovies - not to forget oil and gas - are among the riches that flow from these seas to markets all around the world. 

There has always been a significant home fleet from Maloy and the surrounding region, as well as a large number of fishing- and offshore vessels that visit Maloy regularly, to deliver catches, get supplies, and to do regular maintenance work. This activity base permits stable upkeep of excellent project shipyards that offer capacities for major outfitting and conversion projects.

The service- and fishing gear industry in this hub offers a full capacity of supplies and outfitting for a wide range of projects, ranging from small coastal boats to large seismic vessels and ocean-going fishing vessels. Fiskevegn has collaborated with both Norwegian and international companies to combine shipyard services with installations or upgrades of automatic longline systems in Maloy, supported by services and expertise in the MMG.

All members of MMG are independent companies and work on a 'no stings attached' basis; however, together we wish to put on display the capacities available in Måløy for companies that look to visit this region with their projects.

MMG will be representing the member companies at a range of trade shows and events in times ahead.


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