ROPE solutions

Strands of heavy duty Fiskevegn trawl ropes ready for braiding
Strands of heavy duty Fiskevegn trawl ropes ready for braiding

Fiskevegn has the largest and most modern range of machinery for cord and rope production in the Nordic countries. We deliver many types of special purpose ropes. We make high quality and certified ropes that are used as components by manufacturers of net-based equipment such trawl, purse seine, danish seine and aquaculture facilities,

Fiskevegn's manufacturing is based at our headquarters in western Norway. Extrusion of fiber and some manufacturing of utility ropes takes place in Rezekne, Latvia, where we have had a Join-Venture with machinery and manufacturing routines from Fiskevegn, since 2002. Some 2,000 tonnes of raw materials are made into 30-40 million meters of rope every year. A highly experienced workforce, with staff with up to 35 years' experience and continuous recruitment and in-house traning of a new generation of ropemakers, ensures the upkeep of our renown product quality. We use Danline, Silver, Polyester, Ulstron, Nylon and HMPE in our rope production.

Both Fiskevegn HQ and our partner firm in Latvia performs rope testing and issue certificates according to relevant standards.


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