Our project partners range from individual fishermen operating a single coastal boat to some of the world's largest demersal longline fishing operators with a fleet of ocean-going vessels. Their requirements differ widely, and in each case Fiskevegn draws on its expertise and network to help plan excellent projects.

We have many years' experience in project development for fishing vessels and follow projects through from idea to finished vessel and often on to years of support and supplies in day-to-day operations. Our partners appreciate that our design- and planning advice is backed by real fishing experience and decades of industry know-how.

Implementing a good project requires that the involved parties consider all the operational requirements at an early stage. The various and sometimes conflicting needs for vessel design- or modification, capture system, catch handling system and working conditions for the crew, are all kept in mind through the process.

Problematic projects can result from making a selection of solutions in one of these sectors without considering the influence in the other sectors. A mistake that is seen sometimes is that vessel prospects are worked to near completion with a ship designer before the dialogue has started with experts on the fishing systems to identify the requirements of the actual fishing operation. The result can be expensive turnarounds with unnecessary costs for design revisions, or vessels comprised of sections that operationally do not fit well together.

Fiskevegn has a project- and engineering section that addresses the requirements of the capture- and catch handling systems, and that is routinely liaising with ship owners, naval architects and other suppliers to ensure integrated planning. 

We work with our partners to find out what works and what doesn't. In many cases the partners are themselves experts and require little input from us other than a schematic and a quotation for deck equipment and fishing gears. In other cases, our partners may be entering into what is for them a new type of fishing and prefer to get extensive assistance throughout the planning process.

Our services range from helping to find an appropriate used vessel, liaising with naval architects for design of new builds or conversions, contacting yards, help building alliances, finding good suppliers, scaling the fishing system to available space-, crew- and time constraints, as well as considering the economics of the fishing operation. In many cases we have arranged that new ventures are supported by experienced crew and skippers during a pilot- or startup and training phase. This sometimes includes trial fishing with a leased vessel to explore whether going all in with a vessel acquisition or -conversion is a good idea. Often simple solutions are the best and least risky. 

Read about some of our recent projects below. Contact Fiskevegn to explore options in your project.

The "Atlas Cove", formerly "Østerbris" (Photo courtesy Austral Fisheries). The "Atlas Cove" was converted from a purse seiner to a combined trawler/longliner by Austral Fisheries in collaboration with Fiskevegn. Read more about the "Atlas Cove" here. On its maiden voyage from the shipyard after conversion in Norway to its home port in Mauritius, the "Atlas Cove" came to the support of Sea Shepard in chasing down the illegal fishing vessel "Thunder" - a story covered in depth in international media (feature article in New York Times here). 


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