multistråle sonar

Fiskevegn has at its disposal a complete, portable multibeam sonar system capable of mapping 400m wide swaths of seabed from 0-100m depth at very high resolution.

The 234kHz dual-transducer sonar system is supported by high performance peripheral instruments such RTK GPS, high resolution heading antennas and MRU to correct for vessel movements.

The system yields excellent bathymetric models, high resolution imagery of relief and seabed hardness, as well as fully georeferenced sidescan data. Fiskevegn utilizes such data in certain projects that require accurate seabed information, such as evaluation of positioning and tracking technologies for fishing gears.

Big Data is coming to fisheries world-wide, and Fiskevegn intends to be an active participant in the development of Precision Fishing, both with respect to fishing gears and supporting technologies.


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