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Fiskevegn is engaged in long-term R&D efforts to develop an environment friendly alternative to using edible fish for bait in the world's longline and trap fisheries. We currently take part in a research consortium of four Norwegian companies as well as runnig a long-term internal project dedicated to the commercialization of synthetic bait. Both projects are supported by the Research Council of Norway.

The most preferred baits for longline and trap fishing are also consumable human food. The industry thus agrees broadly that alternatives should be sought for the future. The purpose is both to ensure the best possible utilization of food resources and to reduce the impacts on the fishing industry of future price increases that can be expected for bait due to demand for human consumption. For the fishing industry there is thus a potential win-win situation in artificial bait, both benefiting the environment and reducing the industry's future operating expenses. 

Development of synthetic bait is a very challenging undertaking, and Fiskevegn thus both takes part in a pre-competitive industry consortium that adresses common challenges in this research task, and pursues a specilized development of synthetic bait building on methologies from behavioural ecology, fish physiology, genetics and medial research. 

Field research on dissipation of attractants from longline bait

Field research on dissipation of attractants from longline bait


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