Sinking ropes have integrated heavy materials and do not require external weights. Fiskevegn developed the Crystal Cobra sinking rope with internal weights of silicate glass as an alternative to lead ropes for gillnets. 

The Crystal Cobra is a new sinking rope for gillnets that builds on Fiskevegn’s well-known CobraLine floating rope. This ingenious product offers gillnet fishermen a real alternative to lead sinking ropes without compromising the rope's usage properties.

The sinking material is environmentally friendly silicate glass. Besides protecting the environment, the Crystal Cobra is very easy to handle.

A well known handling issue of gillnets is that the rather wide diameter braided float lines and the narrower twisted sinking ropes come over the haulers at different velocities. After a bit of hauling this skews the net and needs correction. Another common aspect of twisted sinking ropes is that they do form occasional loops and kinks that tangle the nets. Also, when twisted ropes are strained during hauling they rotate against their direction of twist, causing the gillnets to roll up around the bottom rope. All this adds to the workload for the fisherman,

The braided Crystal Cobra line is virtually identical to the braided top rope, and therefore has the same superior hauling, handling and untangling properties. These ropes to not rotate around their own axis under strain. With CobraLine floatline at the top of the net and Crystal Cobra sinking rope along the bottom, the net and ropes come across the hauler nicely and evenly with less tangling than in ordinary solutions.

Our experience is that the Crystal Cobra may have somewhat shorter lifespan than conventional, twisted sinking ropes with lead cores. However, there is an environmental benefit by reducing the amount of lead in fishing ropes. When the rope is retired the glass fillings can be re-used rather than having to be recycled via a melting process.


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