The amount of preparation and service that goes into a modern gillnet operation will surprise the non-specialist. Through a complex logstical operation, we provide full life-cycle service for gillnets through a system that helps protects the environment and contributes to the local community.

A complete gillnet consists of the net panel itself (1), a horizontal, floating toprope (2), a horizontal, singking groundrope (3), and usually a thin, vertical cord at either end of each net panel that provides added strenght (4). The nets are linked together with splicing of the top- and bottom ropes, and the chain of nets is supplied with a Y-shaped rope rig (5) that connects to the gillnet anchor (6), downline (7) and bouys (8 - not shown).

Anantomy of a gillnet (C) Fiskevegn

New gillnets are mounted on specialized floating- and sinking ropes. After each period of fishing, the fishermen inspect the nets and put aside damaged ones for recycling. These are sent back to Fiskevegn.

The used nets are passed through a clean-cutting machine that separates the nets from the rope. The ropes are next cleaned by hand of leftover net pieces. The discareded nets are sent for recycling via public renovation contractors, which in turn deliver them to Energy-From-Waste power plants., while the ropes are returned to us for re-use.

After being returned to our serice station, Fiskevegn's highly experienced operators repair the ropes, where needed, and proceed to mount them on new nets, along with adding supplementary new ropes where required. 

Used CobraLine floating ropes, ready for re-assembly with new nets. Some 90% of our gillnet ropes are re-used in spite of being used on the rough Norwegian coast, a testament to their quality. Some ropes are used up to 8 years before being worn out.  Used sinking ropes for assembly on new nets. The lead is removed from discarded lead sinking ropes and sent to Sweden for melting and re-use.

This important and large scale environmental service is performed by Fiskevegn in close collaboration with ASVO, who takes care of clean-cutting and rope cleaning. ASVO is a government-owned, ISO9001:2008-certified company that provides rehabilitation opportunities for special requirements workers. 

Workshop foremen overseeing gillnet service operations at ASVO Maloy.

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