Dextron® 12 Plus Trawl Warp


Dextron® 12 Plus Trawl Warp is a unique high performance trawl warp line constructed with Dyneema® fiber and a firm non-load-bearing polyester control core.

Dextron® 12 Plus Trawl Warp can be covered with the unique patented OTS Protective Jacket™.
It has high strength and low weight, hence, making it a perfect steel wire rope replacement.

Dextron® 12 Plus Trawl Warp is both cut and abrasion resistant and it floats. The neutral buoyancy allows for greater net control in shallow depths while also achieving wider openings at the front end of the nets to increase catch yield ratios. This significant weight reduction improves vessel stability and enables  the “hold” capacity to increase the catch volume. The reduced weight also equated to fewer round trips and increased fuel savings. Dextron® 12 Plus Trawl Warp is expected to remain in service significantly longer than the steel wire rope it replaces.

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