COVID-19 update

AS Fiskevegn - Covid 19 Business as usual

No major negative effects.

AS Fiskevegn has not noticed the major negative effects for the company in the wake of the corona pandemic. Sales are good so far this year. We contacted all of our suppliers early to uncover any challenges they might face as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic, so that we could take the necessary action to narrow the implications further down the value chain. But so far it is "business as usual"

Demand is maintained.

In addition to major Norwegian customers the toothfish fleet around the world is our largest customer segment. Fishing for toothfish takes place in the South Sea around the Antarctic. AS Fiskevegn has through many years built up a strong market position in this market and is today the world's leading supplier of liner for this fishery. In addition, we are Europe's only producer of industrial fishing line, and it probably helps to maintain the demand for our products despite the corona pandemic.

We were early in the process of imposing restrictions on our business travels in the company. Contact with our customers in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and France has been maintained through telephone, Skype and Teams. We really look forward to the day we can meet all of our customers and relationships around the world.