New managing director / CEO in Fiskevegn

Magne Fure

Magne Fure is appointed and has taken on the job as new managing director in AS Fiskevegn.
Magne is 44 years old and grew up in Selje and now lives locally in Selje, close to the main Fiskevegn factory. He has a long career at Equinor, starting as a chef in 2005, via catering leader and logistics leader on various oil rigs and is today the leader of the rig maintenance department on the Kvitebjørn oil rig in the North Sea. Magne has also experience from project work in South Korea, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
Like many from this region, he has experience from working on a longline vessels in his youth. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics and administration and a master's degree in public management.

"We are pleased that Magne has accepted the job. Fure will also be responsible for Best Fishing Gear AS, Storvika AS and Flatraket Industribygg AS, as well as Fiskevegn's part of Magistr Fiskevegn Group (MGF) in Latvia ». says chairman Hans Mustad.

"I'm really looking forward to taking on the job. It will be exciting to be part of further developing a local company with a strong brand name and long and impressive history.

It will of course be a noticeable change from Equinor to Fiskevegn, which I am very aware of. I will get the chance to work with the entire value chain, from purchasing to sales, together with a strong management team ", says Magne Fure.

Fiskevegn has 45 employees and a turnover in 2020 of MNOK 112. Fiskevegn and Best Fishing Gear have their head office and factory at Flatraket in Stad municipality. Fiskevegn has a sales department in Ålesund, a joint venture in Latvia with approx. 85 employees in the factory, as well as distributors in the USA / Canada and Australia / New Zealand.

Magne Fure will formally take over as CEO December 1st this year.