Retired after forty years

Måndag blir Lars Solheim (70) pensjonist etter å ha jobba med tau og tauverk ved AS Fiskevegn på Flatraket i førti år. Då kuttar han tråden for godt.

Lars knows everything about ropes after working with it for 40 years.

On Monday, Lars Solheim (70) will retire after working with ropes at Fiskevegn on Flatraket for forty years.

It says something about both the employees and the business itself that people stay there for a long time. From before, Fjordenes Tidende has mentioned the couple Anne and Svein Venøy who, after forty years in the same workplace, received praise and honor for their efforts.

This time it is Lars, brother of board member and founder Helge Solheim, who deserves attention. He can refer to even more years in the company that has been central in the lives of so many people on and around Flatraket.

- I was just a boy when Bodvar Vetrhus' father, Peder, started rope production for the first time on Barmen. I was probably only 12-13 years old, so apart from a few years away, I have probably been involved in this for over fifty years, says Solheim, who is originally from the island. Soon after, his brother Helge joined the business as owner, and the company moved to Vetrhus on the mainland in 1974, before they established themselves where they are today on Flatraket.

Unity is the key to success

Solheim has a simple answer to what makes Fiskevegn AS have a high average in the seniority of its employees.

- It is the environment, and the fact that one is well taken care of. Colleagues with experience from other companies, feel the same way - that there is particularly good unity here in our company, he says.

Fiskevegn has a rule that says that after the age of seventy, one can no longer work at the workplace. But Lars does not see any problem filling the days after he retires.

- When you pass seventy, it may be time to leave, but I imagine that I will show up for visits at regular intervals, he says, and adds:

- And it will actually be good to be able to do something else as well. I like to go hiking and cycling, and then I can get up just when I want. But it will not be easy, he admits.

- I had a little plan of asking if I might be able to bring some work home with me, so I can set up ropes and lines at home with myself, he smiles.