Fiskevegn allocates approximately 10% of its turnover to long-term research and development activities, divided into two overarching sectors - manufacturing technologies and product/service development. In doing so we collaborate with scientists and industry partners around the world. We have a range of material and equipment that can serve as valuable contributions to marine R&D projects.

Fiskevegn anticipates that successful development of one viable solution one may require generation and testing of a multitude of ideas. Our current projects range from automation of manufacturing via development of new fishing methods such as the deepwater tornado trolling system, to a long-term commitment to develop environment-friendly synthetic bait to replace consumable food as bait. 

Facsimilie from one of Fiskevegn's research projects, the Deepwater Tornado Trolling System (DWTT), supported by the Research Council of Norway.

Often the best ideas for development of new products and solutions begin as suggestions from a customer. Fishermen, for example, have know-how about tried and tested techniques to solve all sorts of practical problems at sea, and they represent an enormous knowledge base about the marine environment.

Finding new ways of utilizing high-resolution data about the environment to catch fish with less effort and with minimal impact on the environment is one of our focus areas. Contact us to learn more about our R&D efforts or to discuss a collaboration.

3D map of traditional fishing grounds for demersal longline north of the British Isles, developed in collaboration with experienced fishermen.


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