Leading longline manufacturer

Fiskevegn is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of fiber, rope, fishing systems for automatic longlining, fishing gears and supplies for crew and vessels. We are proud to be one of the most trusted names in the global arena of longline fishing.

The subsidiary Best Fishing Gear (BFG) is a developer and manufacturer of the BFG autoline system, as well as a manufacturer of mechanical components.

The company is located at Flatraket in Stad municipality and has a sales office and retail outlet in Ålesund.

Flatraket Industribygg AS and Storvika AS are the ownership companies in which the business is located at Flatraket and in Ålesund.

There are a total of approximately 40 employees in the group.

Magistr Fiskevegn Group (MFG) is a subsidiary in Latvia where AS Fiskevegn owns 50% of the shares. MFG produces raw materials and products that go into production and the value chain. MFG has approximately 70 employees.

The company is owned 50% by Helge Solheim Holding AS and 50% by Mustad Sealine AS.
Fiskevegn is a global supplier with good trust in the market. We produce high-quality products and have good cooperation with our partners. Our product selection means that we are a total supplier and we strive to be able to deliver the right product at the right time.
We are the only line manufacturer with European production.

We will continue to develop to offer innovative, sustainable products on the global market in good cooperation with our suppliers, partners and customers. Our business must be firmly rooted in Nordfjord.

Our vision is to be a world-leading producer of longline for sustainable professional fishing.
Our mission is to be a total supplier of modern solutions to the national and international fishing fleet within the industry segment bottom-fixed cruise ships. We must have close cooperation with our partners, suppliers and customers, and we must be active in product development and innovation.


In the autumn of 1998, AS Fiskevegn started developing automatic longline machines, and the need to separate it as its own company quickly became apparent. Therefore, a new company called Best Fishing Gear AS, or simply BFG, was founded in February 1999.

Our story

The forerunner of Fiskevegn started in Barmen in 1968. AS Fiskevegn was founded on 10 January 1973 at Vederhus in Selje municipality. Moved to the current location on Flatraket in 1982, with Stadhavet as the nearest neighbour. Many of our employees have extensive experience from working on board fishing boats, both inland and abroad.

Vision and values

Rewarding collaborations

Fiskevegn is working together with mulitple industry operators, goverments and NGO’s to eliminate IUU fishing and to drive for economically viable, sustainable solutions towards safer, cleaner oceans. We are also a member of several industry associations to keep current with new developments in manufacturing technology.

We deliver internationaly

New Zealand, Australia, Spain, France and Alaska. Fiskevegn has a strong and worldwide presence.