AS Fiskevegn focuses on sustainability in our daily operations. Resilience consists of the three dimensions Climate and Environment, Social conditions, and Economy. We sincerely believe that everyone can and must contribute to the resilience work and our motto is that “No one can do everything, but everyone can do a little” so that society moves in the right direction.

1 – Computing strategy

The UN’s 17 sustainable development goals provide direction for our operations, and we work to operationalize these. Based on the three dimensions Climate and Environment, Social conditions, and Economy, we have identified the following sustainability targets as particularly relevant for AS Fiskevegn:

Goal no. 14 – Life in the sea

– Is linked to the core of our business where we take an active role in the work to reduce ocean pollution and marine litter and contribute to the sustainable management of the ocean’s resources.

Goal no. 12 – Responsible consumption and production

– We focus on the reuse and recycling of resources, and work to replace burdensome input factors with less burdensome ones.

Goal no. 4 – Good education and lifelong learning

– We facilitate competence development for all employees, as well as that we are approved apprenticeships that contribute to the development of skilled workers.

Goal no. 9 – Industrial innovation

– We work continuously with improvements and technological development to increase resource utilization and promote business development.

Goal no. 11 – Sustainable local community

– By being located on Flatraket, we contribute to the region being a sustainable local community.

Goal no. 17 – Cooperation to reach the goal

– Is the red thread in the sustainability goal where many do a little which in turn makes the world community move in the right direction.

2 – Calculation work

We continuously work to make our products more sustainable. The product must add value for our customers, we must do what we can to safeguard social conditions in the entire value chain, and that we must reduce the negative environmental impact of our products.

Here is an extract of the results from our calculation work.

COLTO – Coalition of Legal Tootfish Operators

We are a proud member of COLTO. This organization is based on sustainable management and catching of toothfish in the Arctic Ocean. There is a strong focus on sustainable fishing and reduction of undesirable consequences. Among other things, we have developed a line with an integrated weight that increases the sinking speed. The result is a reduced number of drowned seabirds, as well as more efficient fishing where the line reaches the bottom faster. We have also developed a more environmentally friendly impregnation that is used in the Southern Ocean. The tar treatment has been replaced with a more environmentally friendly product than the black coal tar, Appretan impregnation.

Recycling of gillnets

We have a strong focus on the reuse of gillnet scraps and gillnet buses. Here we collaborate with ASVO Måløy on cleaning and preparation of usen lead rope and float lines for new assembly. Used gillnet buses go for recycling. We received the bridge builder award from ASVO in 2018