Fiskevegn is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of fiber, rope, fishing systems for automatic longlining, fishing gears and supplies for crew and vessels. We support vessel projects from idea to realization and can offer advice on everything from suitable shipyards, suppliers, alliance partners and how best to achieve optimal solutions for your vessel.

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Since its inception, Fiskevegn has been founded on the core values of quality, delivery and innovation. We emphasize close communication with our customers and rapid responses to deliver better Fishery, solutions and services. Our core values have yielded results for our customers.

Rope solutions

Fiskevegn has the largest and most modern range of machinery for cord and rope production in the Nordic countries. We deliver many types of special purpose ropes. We make high quality ropes that are used as components by manufacturers of net-based equipment such trawl, purse seine, danish seine and aquaculture facilities.

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Workwear, vessel supplies, buoys, floats and equipment such as knives, tubs, brooms etc.


Our products are environmentally friendly and cost effective. Given our large manufacturing capacity with in-house control of supply chain logistics and manufacturing at our headquarters in Norway, we are known for our rapid turnaround and reliable delivery times for critical components such as retrieval ropes and specialized heavy sinking ropes that are integrated in cage culture sustems.

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