Since its inception, Fiskevegn has been founded on the core values of quality, delivery and innovation. We emphasize close communication with our customers and rapid responses to deliver better Fishery, solutions and services. Our core values have yielded results for our customers.


Fiskevegn is one of the most trusted names in the global arena of longline fishing. Our product range includes automatic longline systems, deep-sea longlines, coastal longlines, hooks and longline accessories.

Automatic longline system

Fiskevegn supplies complete automatic longline systems for newbuilds as well as existing vessels, from small coastal to ocean-going vessels. From hauling position to the baiting machine, we supply everything needed and adapt the system to the vessel’s deck arrangement and planned crew.


Fiskevegn supplies ready-assembled gillnets to the largest fleet that fishes in the deepest waters, and to the coastal fisherman and the hobby fisherman. From the coarsest mesh size down to hobby gillnets. You can reuse sink- and float lines, or purchase new ones produced at Flatraket.


Fiskevegn has the largest and most modern range of machinery for cord and rope production in the Nordic countries. We deliver many types of special purpose ropes. We make high quality ropes that are used as components by manufacturers of net-based equipment such trawl, purse seine, danish seine and aquaculture facilities.