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Fiskevegn manufactures and supplies a wide range of braided products in various dimensions, lengths and fiber qualities.

Eight-strand braided ropes are especially suitable for mooring, towing, trawl- and Danish seine applications. Eight-strand braided ropes are cost-effective all-round solutions where strong forces are in play. 

Twelve-strand ropes have a smoother surface than eight-strand ropes, which is beneficial when regular contact is expected between rope and solid objects, the seabed, and so forth. Twelve-braided ropes offer high weight-to-strength conversion and, importantly, are close to torque-neutral. The latter means the rope does not tend to spin under heavy load, which lends the 12-braided construction to a very wide range of commercial lifting applications.

Braided ropes with higher numbers of strands have even smoother surfaces than 8- and 12-braided ropes. Examples include hollow-braided ropes with fillings, such as our Corbraline gillnet headropes or Crystal Cobra gillnet footropes; various smooth ropes without fillings, such as flagpole lines, all-purpose braided lines on spools, and so forth. In collaboration with partners in Norway and Latvia we supply braided ropes suitable for anything from hoisting the sail on a sailboat, via towing an iceberg, to lifting a sunken ship off the seabed. Let us know what you need.

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Fiskevegn 8-strand braided rope made from high quality Danline
Fiskevegn 8-strand braided rope made from high quality Danline

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