Crystal mussel

The crystal musse/rope is an environment friendly , sinking spat collection rope.

The Crystal Mussel Rope has been developed for effective spat settlement, high breaking load, abrasion resistance, and ease of handling. Crystal Mussel rope is free from heavy metals and other harmful substances. The sinking elements are made from 100% environment friendly silicate glass, the o ter coating is made fr gm Polyester and the core thread from Danline.

The shape of the sinking elements facilitates easy re-use of the materials. At the end of its lifespan the fibre coat and core thread will be mixed with organic matter, and can be used as fuel in a suitable type of energy-from-waste plant.

Today’s seafood market rewards sustainable aquaculture practises.
Crystal Mussel Rope isa win-win product: Environmentally sound and cost-effective.

Shellfish culture
Braided coat:
Sinking material:
Silicate glass
Waste handling:
Re-use or recycling (sinking elements) Energy recovery (rope coat and core)

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