Ocean-X Swivelline

The properties of different Fiskevegn Ocean-X Lines are tuned for optimum return on investment.

Optimal longline design requires a balancing of key properties, whilst making as few compromises as possible. We also take into account that rope properties change over time. Fiskevegn lines are designed for maximum life-span, minimal risk of losing catch, and the best possible coiling properties.. Users that buy longlines only for ease of coiling of brand-new lines, whilst forgetting that such lines may (1) grow stiffer as they age; (2) have inferior breaking load; and (3) have poor abrasion properties, may experience short-lived benefits and excessive consumption of lines.

Fiskevegn Ocean-X

9, 10, 11,5, 12 og 13,7 mm. 1,2 to 1,5 meter space. 180 meters long.

4-strand laid rope
Silver (Polyester-Danline mix)
~18% at break
Melting point:
130 °C
1.1m to 1.5m. Special spacings upon request
Tar or enviroment-friendly polyetylene
180 and 270 meters
IW option:
Integrated separate product sheet. See separate product sheet

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